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Spinal health is important to overall health. With your spine at its best, you have higher function and higher efficiency. In the spring 2014, Dr. Roger De Sesa reconfigured his patient space to add seven new exercise stations. When clients visit the office, they learn which exercises to complete to optimize their spinal health. The stations take anywhere from 1-20 minutes.

  • At station #1, patients can use a wobble chair for up to six different warm-up exercises that mostly benefit the lower back.
  • Station #2 (spinal molding) is a passive exercise for anyone who needs to restore the proper spinal curve.
  • Station #3 (cervical traction) is for curve and disk-height restoration due to wear-and-tear.
  • At station #4, the Vibrational Plate incorporates whole body vibrations that cause muscle fibers to contract, which in turn rapidly improve flexibility and strength.
  • Clients exercise with the fit ball to improve lower back and mid-back at station #5.
  • Station #6 incorporates Rapid Release Therapy, which uses a high-speed vibration that breaks up brittle scar tissue while passing harmlessly through healthy scar tissue. In just 2-5 minutes, patients can feel relief that lasts days or even weeks.
  • The MedLight at station #7 uses Near-Infrared energy to reduce pain and promote blood flow. It is frequently used for micro injuries in the shoulders, knees and ankles.

Dr. De Sesa strongly believes in the holistic approach to healing and to preventative care. He is professional, inspirational, compassionate, honest, and knowledgeable. If you’ve reached this website because you are looking for pain relief or a permanent lifestyle change, you are in the right place!

As a chiropractor working in Valencia (part of Santa Clarita), Dr. De Sesa accepts walk-in clients, and first-time consultations are free.  There is no obligation with the first visit. You may take the information home to review it further.  We also have free brochures on specific conditions, including back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, pregnancy-related pain, mid-back pain, fibromyalgia, and whiplash.

Dr. De Sesa has been practicing in Valencia since 1999.  Dr. De Sesa and his staff have a genuine concern for your well-being.  Dr. De Sesa has worked with many elite professional athletes, and is committed to improving the health of everyone in the community he serves. He is dedicated to improving the quality of life and considers primary care to be the focus of his practice.

Through his volunteer work with the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, Dr. De Sesa provides free lectures in the community to help achieve his mission of getting the world healthier one person at a time!

De Sesa Chiropractic also serves as the Santa Clarita headquarters for the health and wellness movement. Our office offers lifestyle modification programs, such as the Biggest Winner and the Standard Process 3-week detox and cleanse. Whether you come in search of pain relief or simply want to improve your life, we will care for you as a whole person.

De Sesa Chiropractic is committed to helping you protect your most valuable asset--your good health!

Dr. Roger DeSesa
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